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Leading Supplier of Film Equipments in South Maharashtra, India.

Mahalaxmi Cine Services is Kolhapur, Maharashtra based film & video production house. We act as local line producer for indie films as well as for commercials, television serials, web series, short films & documentary filmmakers, who look for the professional line producers.

A filmmaker is always in search of a good, professional line producer. A person or company which can provide him with all the requirements, so that the filmmaker can shoot his project without any hassle. Mahalaxmi Cine Services is the name for all your requirements. We cater all your film production needs.

Supplier / Rental of Film Equipments in Maharashtra, India.

Film Equipments

Equipment play a vital role in the process of film making. The success of any filmmaker and the technician, is quiet dependent on the equipment they use. So it is very important to have a line producer, who can provide you your desired equipment at reasonable rates. Mahalaxmi Cine Services are ready to provide any sort of equipment required for movie, tele-serials, documentaries or commercials. We ensure that the quality and the standard of those equipment are duly tested by the professionals.

Film Budgeting

One of the most sensitive aspect of the film making. Any Producer / Executive Producer is more concerned about the budget of his project, and so is the Director. We have our team of experts, which help you to prepare a sensible budget for your project, and we assist you to maintain the given budget with our expertise.

Film Location Hunting

To get the desired location for any project, is as important as anything. Kolhapur is a place known for its cultural heritage, and it is also blessed with lavish scenarios surrounding the town. Various monuments, lush green fields, heritage architecture and numerous beautiful places have attracted the filmmakers to shoot their projects in this town or nearby, since ages. Mahalaxmi Cine Services have a variety of countless locations that can suit the requirement of any project, which will enhance the beauty & the making of the movie. Mahalaxmi Cine Services provide an assistance to get these locations and to through with the shooting swiftly.

Remember Amnesia Trailor

A US-based Physician from India loses his memory during an accident while visiting India and as his memory comes back, he can’t remember whether he has killed his wife.


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Our client Dr. Ravi Godse says about Mahalaxmi Cine Services and about Mr. Anand Kale.

Who We Are?

Aanand Kale (आनंद काळे) is an Indian film and television actor, director, producer.A known face is Marathi films & serials as well as in Hindi. Aanand started his career as an actor in 1998. He has acted in many tele-serials & movies. He is well known for his role in the Marathi TV show on eTv Marathi called Char Diwas Sasuche, where he played the character Ashok Deshmukh for 3,600 episodes. He has also worked in Hindi films such as P Se PM Tak. He is a businessman and hotelier who owns and runs restaurants like Hotel Rajpurush and Hotel Karnivaal.

In 2006, Kale began a film production house under the name Mahalaxmi Cine Services. This production house dealt in the supply of shooting equipment such as lights, generators, cranes, cameras, vanity vans and also leased out the labor strength of skilled workers. Mahalaxmi Cine Services went on to associate with over 125 film and TV productions like Balgandharva, Natarang, a few ad films of Lintas etc. Kale also worked as a line producer for his firm.

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Aanand Kale - Marathi Actor

Mahalaxmi Cine Vision : Film Production Services Provider

Mahalaxmi Cine Vision is a well-known production house. The banner was registered in 2006 & we are associated with many projects since then. The projects include movies, commercials, television serials, etc. The production house is well equipped with all the facilities required for a project, from pre-production to complete post production.

Leading Supplier of Film Equipments in South Maharashtra, India.